Quick questions about sizing our first ES cluster


So, I'm setting up our first (small) cluster (4 nodes, 1 client node & 3 data/master nodes) that we'll use to centralize the logs from our clusters of Squid proxies, and I had a quick question about the sizing : does the client node need as much memory as the data/master nodes ?

From what I understand of the docs it doesn't, but just to make sure :slight_smile:


No it does not need as much memory but it still needs some. It depends on the queries you will run and the number of shards you will hit.


Thanks. Then I'll be going with half the memory of the other nodes as the queries won't be that complex, at least in the beginning. As all the nodes are virtual machines reconfiguring them can be done with just a service restart anyway.

Once again, thanks :wink: