Quick Synchronization with ElasticSearch

My question is no problem related to ElasticSearch, but rather a way to improve my use with it.

Today I work with a PHP script that runs via cron every 1 minute, this script reads the latest updates from my database, handles the data and sends them to ElasticSearch.

I do this in order to avoid delay after the user inserts the data, and as there are several data sources it is easier to centralize everything.

However, since this procedure occurs only every 1 minute, it is a little time consuming for the user to have reports and searches with more reliable results.

What do you suggest to speed up this procedure?

Can you feed the data that goes into the database directly to Elasticsearch at the same time?

Unfortunately, back end would not be possible. Because there are several places that perform insertion / update of this data, and the method of synchronization is very complex, it would be impractical to keep it everywhere.

This also prevents the system from stopping if the Elasticsearch server slows or stops

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