Quickly populating indexes with mock values

Hello everyone,

While doing some sensor analytics demo in Kibana, we often felt the need to fill the indexes with a large amount of sensor data. Doing this via Logstash was a little bit cumbersome, so we integrated Elasticsearch connector into our Database generation tool.

Using our DBTool, you could simply create a template for sensor readings and then quickly populate the ES index with up to 100K documents, which are generated from that template. We believe this tool could be used for a variety of other use cases as well for ES community.

We are looking forward to feedback from community and ideas for improvement. Please signup at https://iotify.io/ and give it a try.

Where do we find the actual tool?

Hello Mark,
Please signup at virtual lab on the main site (here is the link) and then you can go to Database tab in the main application. You can start with an existing database template of coffee machine to begin with. Let me know if you need any help.


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