Rabbitmq setup in ELK stack


I need to install a messaging queue in the ELK stack. I am planning to use RabbitMQ for this purpose since my Elastic installation is on Windows servers.

I have around 30 app servers on which logstash is installed and 2 servers on which elasticsearch is installed (Server 1 - ES and Kibana, Server 2 - ES). I was thinking of
2 options -

  1. Should I install RabbitMQ on Server 1 and have a logstash indexer on Server 1 to pull from it and send to ES


  1. Procure a new server for RabbitMQ and setup RabbitMQ and have the logstash indexer on Server 1?

Kindly help me out in this regard.

Thank you,

@magnusbaeck - could you help me in this?

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