Radio-box selector to drive Histogram?

hi folks,

At present I have a Kibana dashboard with a Terms panel driving a Histogram graph output. However I'd like to be able to select multiple entries (like a radio box) so that multiple lines will show on the Histogram. Note that the actual data is in a single column (from a SQL DB query) so doesnt seem like the same/known Kibana 3 limitation w/ multi field histograms. eg see below

timestamp Dataset BW_UTILIZATION
8/9/2015 0:00 A 14
8/9/2015 0:00 B 25
8/9/2015 0:00 C 33
8/9/2015 0:05 A 16
8/9/2015 0:05 B 22
8/9/2015 0:05 C 31

I'd like to be able to select dataset A and it would plot a histogram of BW_UTILIZATION against time, then add selection of B and it would overlay the data on the same histogram plot.

I've been able to achieve this by adding multiple query boxes (one for "A", one for "B" etc) - but its quite clumsy cos the actual Datasets in real-life have big long names - so i think my users copy-paste-patience will run out :wink:

Any ideas on how to achieve this more cleanly?

Thanks, Alan

Alan - Does your question pertain to Kibana 3 or Kibana 4?

In Kibana4, it's quite easy to take a date histogram bar chart and split the bars by Terms based on another field (see screenshot). There is no corresponding functionality in Kibana 3 - you have to add individual queries to get a multi-layer bar chart.