Rails Tire: How to exclude the current_user.id by passing it to the model and exclude with tire must_not?

Im trying to exclude current_user.id from my Tire search results but cannot
figure how to pass a param to Tire and use that instead of a fixed value
for search.
How could one pass the current_user.id to the model and exclude it in
search results?

Searched for this for hours hope someone knows a solution.

Activerecord way:

Profile.where("user_id != ?", current_user.id)

My tire search block:

if params['people']
  tire.search(load: true, page: params[:page], per_page: 20, 

:default_operator => 'AND') do
query do
boolean do
must_not { string 'user_id: 1' } <== this works hardcoded
must_not { string 'user_id: < instead of 1 user current_user.id
pass in true params?' }

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