Rally 0.6.0 released

We have just released Rally 0.6.0. The version bump from the previous release (0.5.3) is mainly due a couple of breaking changes (see below).

How to...?

  • ... upgrade: pip3 install --upgrade esrally
  • ... install: pip3 install esrally

Note: Depending on your system setup you probably need to prepend these commands with sudo.

Please follow the quickstart for a first time install.

Release Highlights

With #258 we made it easier to share your benchmark results with others. Rally will store a self-contained json file per "race" (that is: everytime you run a benchmark) which will contain metadata about the benchmark (like on which hardware it ran, the software versions and so on) and the results of this benchmark. Furthermore, you can now always use the so-called "tournament mode" to compare benchmark results quickly; previously this was only possible if you stored your benchmark results in a dedicated Elasticsearch instance.

Breaking Changes

There are a couple of changes in the way Rally stores benchmark results in Elasticsearch. So if you have used an Elasticsearch metrics store before you should be aware of them:

  • Rally requires now at least Elasticsearch 5.0 for the metrics store (see #138). Note that this is completely unrelated to which versions of Elasticsearch you can benchmark. You can still benchmark older versions of Elasticsearch down to 1.7.
  • We store metrics and the race results now in different indices (see #279 for details)
  • Rally used yearly indices for metrics before (e.g. rally-2017). In #220 we changed this to monthly indices.

Apart from that we have now removed support for a specific syntax in tracks that has already been deprecated since Rally 0.4.7 (see #284).

There are several other enhancements, bug fixes and general improvements to the documentation. See the full list of changes on the 0.6.0 release page.

Questions and Feedback

If you have questions or feedback, please just post in the Rally forum.