Rally 1.3.0 released

We have just released Rally 1.3.0. This release contains several improvements and bug fixes. A notable feature in this release is that Rally stores the track and team revision in the metrics store so it is easier to reproduce benchmark results over longer periods of time in case there are changes to tracks or Elasticsearch configurations.

There are also some breaking changes:

  • With this release we have dropped support in Rally for Elasticsearch 1.x which is end-of-life since January 2017. The earliest supported release of Elasticsearch is 2.0.0 now.
  • We have removed support for the “laps” feature which allowed to run multiple iterations without restarting Elasticsearch in between. Please see the migration docs for details.

Please see the 1.3.0 release page for all details.

How to...?

  • ... upgrade: pip3 install --upgrade esrally
  • ... install: pip3 install esrally

Please follow the quickstart for a first time install.

Questions and Feedback

If you have questions or feedback, please just post in the Rally forum.

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