Rally benchmarking for different node types

I'm using ES Rally to benchmark my cluster.
Because all the nodes in my cluster aren't identical, I've setup my cluster manually.
The setup for my cluster is as follows:

  • 1 master node
  • 2 general purpose nodes (data+ingest+coordinator)

Now, I want to use Rally to test the performance of my cluster. For this, I'm wondering which nodes to include in the target_hosts.

  • Should I include the master node in the target_hosts?
  • I want rally to report the metrics for all hosts, including the master node.
  • I don't want rally to attempt any ingestion or query via the master node.

How should I setup my test? For now, I've given all 3 nodes IPs in the target_hosts. Is this correct?


with the --target-hosts parameter you can specify to which nodes Rally should send traffic. You don't want the master node to be hit by the benchmark, so you need specify your two general-purpose nodes there. For cluster-wide statistics (e.g. garbage collection times) Rally will also record metrics from the master node.


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