Rally-eventdata-track with custom parameter_sources

I am run rally-eventdata-track but want to change to my own mapping. I am curious as to how the data in parameter_sources was generated so I can create my own from my data.
Are there any docs on how I can do this?

Hey @BlueLegend !

We do have some documentation on creating custom tracks with custom parameter sources, though the mapping itself is set via this template file.

If you have some of your own data already generated, then you may not need to use something like custom paramater sources, and instead it may be far simpler to create a track from data within an existing cluster. Typically the custom parameter sources are used for more dynamic and advanced use cases.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the response. I'm going to look at these docs more closely. I was able to come up with a crude method of generating my own lookup tables and weighted arrays based on terms aggregations from real world data.

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