Rally fails to connect to metrics instance with X-Pack Security

Trying to run with metrics, using the default elastic.co elasticsearch v5 docker image.
As far as I can see/find, there is no way to configure rally to use a metrics instance that has X-Pack Security enabled.
Is there somewhere I can put in a workaround? Or would we have to configure the python code to connect with a certificate?
For testing I could disable Security, but longer term I'd like to enable it.

Hi @Woodford,

this is doable with Rally. In the initial setup routine (esrally configure --advanced-config), Rally will ask you "Use secure connection (True, False)". This will enable an SSL connection to the metrics store. If you have already configured your metrics store, you can also edit ~/.rally/rally.ini directly and set datastore.secure = True.

As you also mention certificates: Rally uses certifi to get SSL root certificates. If you use a self-signed certificate, that might cause problems. If that's the case could you please more concrete details about the error message(s) you're getting?


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