Random slow query after some time of idle

I explain our stituation. We have a pod on OpenShift with a .NET application that uses the NEST library to connect to an Elasticsearch node. What happens is that after some idle time, the calls (any call) takes 1/2 seconds, while if the calls are made sequentially they are all fast (40/50ms).

Analyzing the TCP traffic, we noticed that the pod, after establishing the TCP connection (SYN,ACK-SYN,ACK) stays idle almost 1 second before sending the CLIENT_HELLO TLS1.3 packet to Elasticsearch.

Do you know what this might be due to?

Just for information, the problem was that we had 2 threads sharing a common resource and there was some waiting between them. One of them was the one calling elastic, so that's where the delay was.

Thanks for closing the loop @LeoL! That certainly sounds like it'd explain it.

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