Range with text


I try to do a search with a range on text term.
We have "box" that contain documents from "A0001" to "F235" and from "F236" to "P159",... for example and I need to find with box contained Bryan's Documents.

I found here some examples but I can't do what i want.

In the Example,
we can see :
tag:{alpha TO omega}

but here we compare 1 field with 2 variables and I need to compare 1 variable to 2 fields, something like :
'N2345':{field1 TO field2}.

So, I see Ranges with one side unbounded syntax :
age:>10 age:>=10 age:<10 age:<=10 age:(>=10 AND <20) age:(+>=10 +<20)

I try but it doesn't seems to work :
existing value : N21053
Try :
(accountnumber:< 'N21079') => 0 result
(accountnumber:>= 'N2105') => return all

May I do something wrong?
Is there a way to do this whit ELK?
Any Ideas?


It depends on the analyzer used on the field I guess.
May be use a keyword datatype instead or a keyword analyzer.

Thanks for your quick answer.
I try with .keyword but it doesn't change anything....
But during this test, I found that I used a false syntax....

the right anwser was :
accountnumber:(+<N21058 +>=N2105)

with no ' or space
So, even if it's was my mistake , your answer help to look it an other time and find it.

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