Ranking using painless

(Misbah Uddin) #1

Does elasticsearch supports field level ranking factors supported in Sphinx like, min_hit_pos, lcs, hit_count natively?
If so, can someone point out the page where I can read this up?
If not, what would be the ways to support that?

(Alexander Reelsen) #2


I do not know what the sphins field level ranking factors do - if you want to do customized scoring, which takes the values of fields into account the function score query might be something to check out.


(Misbah Uddin) #3

I am already doing that. However, I need to get longest_common_subseqence, term frequency, and prefix match score to add to the custom score.

(Alexander Reelsen) #4


you have some more advanced text scoring options available in scripting, but not sure if that is sufficient in what you want to do. If not adding your own custom similarity might be an option.


(system) #5

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