Re-enable replication of Kibana index


Originally I only had a single box with entire ELK stack on it for logging from network devices, firewalls etc and that did me fine. However in order to stop the cluster as showing an issue because there was only 1 node I disabled replication for elasticsearch and Kibana and it was all fine.

However now I have managed to lay my hands on more servers for my cluster and have elasticsearch running fine and while Kibana is running fine I a) have forgotten where I even set Kibana not to have replication in the first place all this time ago b) want to re-enable it and force replication of my existing index. I don't want to lose my saved searches, dashboards etc on complete failure of a node.

If this is not possible how is it best to backup the index so I can restore it to another node anyway?


Hi Kevin,

You can see your .kibana index settings like this (set your host and port if not localhost and default);


And here's some instructions on setting it;

Let me know if that doesn't work for you.