Re-indexing ElasticSearch

I am trying to get clarity on the necessity and steps to re indexing Elasticsearch. After performing a search on one account, that account is coming up blank.

Hi @randallkiddsr,

Welcome to the community! Do you mean reindexing a particular index? This can be done with the _reindex API.

It might be the document doesn't match the query rather than an issue with the index. Can you share the query you're running and the document you expect to match that is not returning with your query?

Hi Carly, that is a concept that I did not think of. The query is performed inside the company’s application. I will reach out to my application team to explore that possibility
The actual query is not submitted via code, but inside the search bar inside the application. I’ll respond once I get feedback

Thank you so much for the quick response


No worries @randallkiddsr! If you get more information on how the search is being carried out in the application and the query used in Elasticsearch we'll do our best to help.

Best of luck!

That's great, thank you very much.

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