Read a constantly overwritten file

I am currently reading a log file to parse it and send the parsed fields to elasticsearch.

The problem that I am facing now is that new lines are constantly being appended to the log file. I have ran into situations when Logstash stopped but the log file is still growing. i have re-run logstash in order to start parsing the newly added lines.

I am facing similar challenge where the newly added lines are not getting picked by LOGSTASH.

Also if i add a new log file in the same directory, the newly added log file is not getting picked up.

Any help in this regard is much appreciated.


I am currently reading a file on a mapped network drive which source is a linux file system server

In my case I am simply doing a proof of concept on my laptop which has windows 7 installed. So all software are running on same machine where the log directory is.

The version that I am using is 2.3.4. What version are you using?


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