Read error looking for ack: i/o timeout in logstash-forwarder


I keep seeing these messages repeated over and over again my logstash-forwarder logs:

2015/11/25 12:42:04.001162 Setting trusted CA from file: /etc/pki/CA/certs/ca.crt
2015/11/25 12:42:04.002295 Connecting to
2015/11/25 12:42:04.210089 Connected to
2015/11/25 12:42:19.212150 Read error looking for ack: read tcp i/o timeout

The logstash server is on version 2.0 and has 4GB of Ram. It's running CentOS 7.1.

The client machine that has the logstash forwarder on it has 2GB of ram and is also running CentOS 7.1

What's the problem I'm facing and how do I correct it?