Read error looking for ack: read tcp i/o timeout

I'm getting this error message on Logstash-Forwarder. Since the logs are not sent to Logstash-Server. I have cross verified the Network connection. There is no blocking / Disturbance in Network [ Firewall, Server iptables and so on] as both Forwarder and Server in LAN network.

I tried with telnet also, its success on the connection.

Please someone help me on this. Still I'm wondering what is the reason behind this error. Almost 4 Months gone, I couldn't find a solution for this. Also post in some community but don't get an solution for my problem. Finally come to this

Error Message : Read error looking for ack: read tcp i/o timeout

No one had hit with this issue. If anyone had same issue encountered when you setup, please share your thoughts. that may help me to get this issue resolved.

Still I'm weird on what was the reason behind it. Most of them says that there might be blocking on the network. But Setup is on my LAN network without any blocking. Also checked in server iptables [ No rule is running]

Please someone look into this and share your thoughts.

I have the same issue, running logstash 1.5.3-1

@gmihaiescu, Can you share the logstash-forwarder and logstash-server config ?.