Read from the beginning filebeat


Is there any parameter to tell an input in filebeat to read from the beginning of the document?
like the start_position => beginnig of logstash

Thank you!

Hello! Which input are you looking at to use?


i want to "delete" or omit de registry from a log or filestream input without delete the registry of the rest with a parameter or something similar like the start_position => beginnig of logstash

Thank you!

Filebeat already read files from the beginning, it is the default behaviour.

If you want to read the same file again, then you need to change the registry, the same thing applies to logstash, the start_position only matters for the first time logstash reads the file.

but what happens if i have mores than one input?

i've been collecting logs from other paths , is there one registry per input ?
if i delete de registry it affects to the others inputs?

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