Read the current date file in filebeat

I have some custom log files for my company. The log file naming pattern is like this "api_datalogger_11-09-23". Here 11-09-23 means that the log file of September 11, 2023. Now I want to set my filebeat inputs to read the log file of the current date. Maybe it can use the system date but the date format has to be like this "11-09-23". How can I solve this issue? I tried ignore_older but did not get anything.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Golam_Rabbi Welcome to the community.

What version are you using.

If the timestamp on the file are correct ingore_older should work. Can you share filebeat configuration and a directory listing so we can see

ls -lrt

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Hello @stephenb Thanks for your response. I am sharing my filebeat config and directory listing here.
Filebeat Configuration
Directory Listing

Hi @Golam_Rabbi

Thanks please do not post pictures of text, please paste the text itself

Also apologies but I meant the directory listing of the directory where the logs are getting harvested from.

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