How to configure filebeat to grab today's file from a directory where many files have a name like


I have a directory with many files with name as in this format: Example:

1278720 Jun 9 23:59 access.log-2018.06.09
1337590 Jun 10 23:59 access.log-2018.06.10
12797116 Jun 11 23:59 access.log-2018.06.11
84921728 Jun 12 23:59 access.log-2018.06.12

There are many of these files from previous months. I'm interested on configuring filebeat to every day pay attention only to current file. Example, today is 6/19/2018 and I would like filebeat paying attention only to file access.log-2018.06.19 and ignoring the rest.

Is that possible?

I do not want to remove older files so that filebeat starts from clean today. Neither I want filebeat to parse old files as I'm not interested in processing older logs.

Please advise

You can use the ignore_older configuration parameter to ignore older files.

Many thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist for the advise!!

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