Reading data from winlogbeats

I have been using a single system install of Elastic Stack and have been able to see information come in through my Kibana. I currently have FileBeats, WinlogBeats and MetricBeats installed and working. I am getting information. This to me as a new user is great that I can see data and information being collected. My question is how or where do I see what has been collected. Here is what I see in the Index Management.

winlogbeat-7.13.0-date; Health = yellow ;status = open; Primaries = 1; Replicas = 1; Docs Count = 4418.

In order to use the above data or any other data collected, where would I find it. That way i can start to create alerts and test other aspects of the stack.

Thank you for your help. I am sure it is a small item that I am missing.

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