Real time services monitoring using ELK Stack

Is it possible to monitor the below services using ELK Stack.??

 1. Web Services
 2. Windows Services
 3. Scheduled Tasks

This will need to tell the service up or down.

Is it provide any Real time alerts(email alert) with Health Monitoring ??

It all depends on how the data gets into Elasticsearch. Logstash has some input plugins that may help.

Watcher could help notifying about alerts.

I already having the full ELK Setup with my machine. Up-to am using this is for Log Monitoring. But I have an addition requirement for this to monitor the services . How I don't know what plugins is need to be used. How to monitor these services can anybody gives a path or way to do this.

If you can get data about the state of these services into ES then yes, you can monitor them.

How you do that is really up to you, I am not aware of anything that can do this on Windows, but then my knowledge there is limited.

@warkolm Thanks for the answer. Is it possible with any Other than Tool ? If you know anything can you tell me that..

Have you tried evntwin+evntcmd? This pair of tools enables you to create mappings between your windows events and snmp traps. You are even capable to set it to only send traps when a repeated number of events have occured in predetermined period of time.