Realtime aggregations per application transaction

Hello all,

I was wondering about whether Elasticsearch is the meant to be used for real time aggregations PER application transaction request? Is this one of use cases?

application transaction request = incoming request from a client for Placing an Order in our system.

Indexing in Elasticsearch is near real time only as it will take a period of time, governed by the refresh interval (default 1 second), before indexed data is available for search and aggregations.

Thank you for answering.

What you stated is true, but lets assume that my application will run aggregations 100% after it got indexed. Will the use case still stands here as a technology ?

What does this mean?

I mean If i used refresh=wait_for

You can refresh after every indexing operation and that will guarantee that the data is searchable once the request completes. Be aware that this adds a lot of overhead to each indexing request and often has serious performance implications.

I see.