Realtime Clone in cloud without affecting Local Cluster


I have a 3-node cluster on-premise. I want to create a full clone in a cloud (oracle). that syncs a few indexes to the on-premise cluster. My cloud environment is not "always-on" however. I don't want my local on-premise cluster to appear "yellow" if I just add it as a fourth node to the op cluster when my cloud-env is "down".

Any recommendations on how I can set it up in this way?



FYI. I do know about cross cluster replication.... but I'm a simple developer, and I'm looking for a solution that doen't require buying an enterprise subscription license as I understand is needed to use that feature if I understand this page correctly:

That is basically the reason cross-cluster replication was designed to handle, so I am not aware of any simple solution. Before this was available a common way to have multiple clusters with the same data was to feed them in parallel from a message queue. This should be able to handle buffering if one is not always available but naturally require any new documents or updates to be sent through this mechanism and changes not to be done directly in the one of the individual clusters.

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