“reason”: “action [cluster:monitor/task/get] is unauthorized for user [X]”

I'm using Elastic Stack 6.4.0 and while trying to look up status for current task via Dev Tools (in Kibana) with non-superadmin user, I'm getting following error:

“reason”: “action [cluster:monitor/task/get] is unauthorized for user [X]”

I did add following role to that user:

  • "Indicies privileges": .tasks*
  • "privileges": read

Please advise.

Actions that begin with cluster: are always handled by cluster level privileges.
In this case you need the monitor cluster privilege.

@TimV, Ok, after adding monitor to role, I now get different message instead:

action [indices:data/read/get] is unauthorized for user [X]

Do I still need user to have read privilege for .tasks* indices?

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