Rebalancing of shards during temporary unavailability of one node

Hi All,

I have a question regarding the re-balancing of shards on es nodes. Let’s
suppose that we have 3 es nodes with 5 indices (each index has 5 shards and
one replica). So the total 50 shards will be distributed over 3 nodes
initially. If for some reason (may be due to network issue or the es
process on the node is killed) one node goes out of the cluster then the
rest of the 2 nodes will start re-balancing the missing shards.

Is my understanding correct?

Is there any configuration to direct es not to start re-balancing
immediately but to wait for some configured time?

For example, the following configuration can be used to introduce delay or
wait time during the full cluster restart:




I am looking for similar parameters to introduce similar type of delay time
during temporary unavailability of one node in the whole cluster.

Thank you in advance.



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