Receiving "Unable to save document" when submitting documents through API

Hi, can't find this error anywhere in the docs. I'm wondering when this error is supposed to be thrown? I'm using a Shopify webhook to send product data to the search engine when product information updates and I seem to be getting this error a lot more than it being successful.

Is it possible that this is thrown when a documents contents hasn't changed?

Thanks, Harry.

What API endpoint are you using? And can you share the exact response?

Hi @JasonStoltz,

The API endpoint I am using is the documents one. /api/as/v1/engines/{engine}/documents

        "id": "10150644687_15918223360071_red_damson_18_408424911",
        "errors": [
         "Unable to save document"

For reference, the document sent was:

    "id": "10150644687_15918223360071_red_damson_18_408424911",
    "pid": 10150644687,
    "vid": 15918223360071,
    "product_group": "10150644687-Damson",
    "handle": "ladies-huggate-fleece-waistcoat",
    "title": "Ladies Huggate Fleece Waistcoat",
    "gender": "ladies",
    "fit": "N/A",
    "waist": "N/A",
    "length": "N/A",
    "size": "18",
    "color": "red",
    "color_title": "Damson",
    "product_type": "Gilet",
    "published_at": "2019-12-05T09:46:34+00:00",
    "product_tags": " farm, fleece, fleeces, full-zip, game-fair, gilets, ladies, ladies-wrap-up, light, mothers-day, pricedzero, shoot-in-style, spring-style, style:fleece light, test-sale-tag, Womens Shooting Gilets, xmas",
    "sku": "405311-18",
    "quantity": 8,
    "price": "35.00",
    "compare_at_price": "0.00",
    "image": "",
    "hover": "",
    "col_sort": "0000000012",
    "collection": 408424911,
    "col_image": ""


I'm not sure what is going on there @Harry_Knowles. I think you should contact, they’ll be able to take a deeper look.

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