Recent changes to user groups and threads

G'Day everyone,
Over the past few weeks we've made a change to the way we identify certain members on these forums. There is a new group containing all the Elastic team members, and these members are identified with both an Elastic logo over their avatar and an Elastic Team Member label.
This move will help you better identify when you are interacting with someone from Elastic in a thread.

You may have also noticed threads are being auto-closed after a period of inactivity. We originally implemented this in the Elastic Cloud category and have since rolled it out across all categories, with threads closing a month after the last post (ie a month of inactivity). We will also be closing all older threads that were created prior to this implementation.
We've made this change as the Elastic Stack moves at a pace that means older threads can contain information that is out of date, which makes accurate assistance harder to provide you, our community. If you find you have an issue that is similar to an existing and closed thread, then please create a new thread and simply link to the previous one.

We welcome feedback on these moves, so please let us know your thoughts!

The Elastic Team

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