What's up with all the 'This topic was automatically closed 28 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.'?

I have been considering on writing this feedback for a while, and i am sure you got it million times, but what is the point of having this 'forum' if no one moderates it?

I have a lot of issues with beats and ELK altogether, like the rest, because the software is just so fragile and it even breaks in minor version upgrades.

Googling a problem, i see it reported here in 10s of threads, none of which are more than the post of the OP. And none of them linked together.

What this does is, have 10s of pages of results in Google all being useless because no one moderates or even cares to answer questions here.

So, if YOU - the moderators, even exist, please moderate this forum OR seriously - just take it off of the public internet OR block search engines to index it.

As it is - this is just useless noise on the internet that makes searching for solution just that much harder.

Please consider the above as constructive feedback, it is meant as such, and not a rant.

P.S. hopefully this post does not also get the silent treatment and 'This topic was automatically closed 28 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.', but at this point - i kind of expect that.

Hi @Boris_Juraga, Welcome to the community.

cc @carly.richmond

Apologies that you do not find the software as robust as you want and the community as helpful as you like.

We look forward to answering your specific challenges/questions on the stack.

Plus, we encourage you to open issues against the repos with the issues you are facing.

There is a small group of moderators to moderate, but we certainly do not attempt to answer every question; that is what the community is for. There are a number of highly active and knowledgeable community members who provide a lot of the answers plus some Elastic Team members, most of whom contribute as volunteers / in our free time.

Agreed, not every question gets answered, we wish that were the case, but unfortunately, it is not.

We look forward to your contributions as well.

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Thanks for the heads up @stephenb. Welcome to the community @Boris_Juraga!

Thank you for raising your concerns @Boris_Juraga. We do appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback and share your experiences. I understand how it can be frustrating to find a similar issue to your problem that is unanswered. I've been there!

As @stephenb has rightly pointed out, the role of moderators in this forum is to moderate and contribute where we can rather than answer every single question. Partly because we do this as part of other responsibilities or through volunteering our free cycles. Partly because as humans we don't know everything! But also because in many causes our wonderful community of developers and others using ELK have seen and fixed these issues in the wild while working on real use cases. There is a balance to strike.

It sounds like you've troubleshooted and fixed many issues while using ELK. We would love to hear more details about the precise errors you've found and how you've overcame them. Your contributions will help the community and help spread the answers that are lacking as you point out. Any answers marked as a solution are also eligible for recognition in our contributor program too.

Feel free to DM me any specific feedback on issues that you have found as I'm happy to pass it on. Alternatively raise issues on the relevant GitHub project for developers and contributors to look at as @stephenb also suggests.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks for the welcome, both. To answer few of your questions, i never expected moderators to answer questions, but if you do - kudos and thank you!

I did expect that topics get properly merged to avoid duplicates and link to the 'root' topic.
Or, alternatively, if there is no possibility to link topics to create a single thread, that then the auto closed topics (those with only a question, zero replies and auto closed after 28 days) will be then deleted. I am hoping there is a query to delete those, or to un-list them from search engines.

As it is, those topics should not be the first search results if they provide no value. I hope that makes sense. Or - change their title from 'Problem XYZ' to '[WillNotBeAnswered] Problem XYZ' so that when it sadly does show up on google, no one clicks on it.

This could maybe help in getting helpful members join a community that does not look void.

As for the rest, i did indeed troubleshoot a bunch of issues and my team did even more, way before i joined them.

I will not post about those because i simply don't have the time. What i can do is give this community a second chance if some part of the above is implemented, so i don't get auto closed on too much :slight_smile: and post some future struggles that i am sure will come up.

Once more, thank you for the response and let's see how quickly things can improve.

This topic was automatically closed 28 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.