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Hi, I see there are so many unanswered posts. I have posted several myself recently, with no response. I dare say there is not much sense of a community here, there seems to be no regular visitors answering, and there is not much help from elastic the company. Something should be done to make sure questions are answered.

Hey Christoffer,

To add some perspective here: There have been far more than 400 replies from Elastic employees in the last seven days (and roughly - likely even more, I have not done the exact math, just grepped some statistics - that was far more than a quarter of the all messages).

While we do try to keep questions answered, this forum is still voluntarily driven. I do agree that it is unfortunate to not have ones questions answered, and I much appreciate you are also adding solutions to your own questions.

I suppose your frustration was mainly around metricbeat? I'll note this down and will see what we can do about it internally.

Have a good weekend!


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Hi Alexander,
I totally understand that Elastic employees can not answer every post :slight_smile: And you're right about metricbeat, I had lots of problems with it, and got the feeling that nobody could use a product with so many bugs.
So - what I'm after is that more people who are not Elastic employees, but are using elastic products, should contribute to the discussions. What can be done to bring in more contributors? It would be great to have some people with real life experience bringing their points of view.

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