Slack Community

Hi Elastic Community,

Not sure how others feel about demand for an elastic slack community? Happy to start a slack community if there's enough of a call for it.

Why? Sorry guys, just not a fan of IRC and sometimes I want to reach out with others in more of a real-time fashion to chat and engage see how others are using the products.

Unless others know of any good slack communities? I've tried looking but can't find any.


If people want it but don't vote on it - it won't happen!

We do have IRC, and Slack is at its core is no different, just new and shiny (even though it's more than that!).

Ultimately it's something we've discussed multiple times and never really decided on. But we're definitely open to feedback.

Thanks for the response Mark,
Yeah totally get it, I've used IRC for a long time. IMO Slack has a far better UX and far fewer barriers for adoption. Not to mention in many corporates they block IRC traffic.