Adding solutions to locked topics?

I found the solution to a problem I posted in the past here (GET API requests sometimes slow (up to 200ms instead of 2ms)) and wanted to update the answer so if anybody had the same problem they knew how I solved it, yet it seems this is no longer possible because the answer is "locked"?

This seems weird for long-standing problems with updated solutions. I just wanted to point out that this defeats much of the helpfulness of this forum. At least as someone who participated in the discussion before it should be possible to re-open a discussion and add updates, because these discussions can be found via Google.

The flipside to this is that people jump into old threads where the problem is totally different or it's all based on versions that have been deprecated/EOLd and have fixes in newer ones. This is problematic given we tend to release at a comparatively fast rate.

The best way is to create a new thread and then link to the old one, Discourse (the software) then shows a link between the two for users to jump between :slight_smile:

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