Recommended setup for Rest service monitoring

We have some rest enpoints we want to use the APM on that get between 50 to 1k requests a second. Being REST the ID of the item they want in in the URL and i generally different for every request. We had to set the capture rate to 0.001 but this means each request shows as a seperate transaction and they are not grouped and it is impossible to find the ones with the actual detailed timings in it. Where as if they were groups on the URL excluding the ID in the URL this would be very easy to do.

Is there something i am meant to be doing to group these transactions together even though the ID in the URL makes them look like different endpoint or service to the APM?

This is on the dotnet version.


Hi @Chris_Gilligan,

I assume that the application in question uses ASP.NET (the classic one for Full .NET Framework not ASP.NET Core), is that correct? If so we do have an issue in the backlog to name transactions based on route (assuming it's ASP.NET MVC). Does your application use ASP.NET MVC? if so which version?
Regarding what you can do at the moment, before the feature above is implemented, the only way to avoid having IDs in the transaction name is to manually capture transactions by using agent's public API instead of relying on automatic capture in ElasticApmModule.

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Hi @Sergey_Kleyman,
We run on both 4.6.1 and dotnet core 2.2 with the same codebase so we currently use ServiceStack that sits on top of ASP.NET Core webserver.

The system does such a good job of capturing the info it would be a shame to duplicated it. Is there a way i could just manipulate the Transaction in my service to group them at that point? Would changing the Name on the transaction do that?

@Chris_Gilligan You are right - an alternative approach would be to leave automatic transaction capturing as is but to change the name during transaction execution. You can access the current transaction using CurrentTransaction agent's public API.

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