APM transaction name is not consistent

Kibana version: 8.1.2

Elasticsearch version: 8.1.2

APM Server version: 8.1.2

APM Agent language and version: APM .NET 1.19.0

Browser version: Chrome 108.0.5359.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)

APM transaction name is misleading as follows

  • the transaction name of success request is formatted as “{HTTP method} {controller}/{method}”
  • the transaction name of failure request is formatted as “{HTTP method} {URL}”

I expect all transaction names to be formatted as “{HTTP method} {URL}”

I can fix this with a weird solution by setting the name at the beginning of request in middleware.

Agent.Tracer.CurrentTransaction.Name = Agent.Tracer.CurrentTransaction.Name;

also, from my debugging the name value is always “{HTTP method} {URL}” since beginning.

Here is my screenshot.

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Hi @ciizo,

thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Do you mind creating an issue for that in our GitHub repository?
That way we can triage and prioritize the issue better.


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Thanks, here we go [BUG] APM transaction name is not consistent · Issue #1969 · elastic/apm-agent-dotnet · GitHub

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