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APM Real User Monitoring JavaScript Agent. Angular Integration. 5.x

I can't see the transaction names correctly in the APM section of Observability in Kibana.
For example, inside the index I see the field transaction.name with value GET
The list of transactions in APM is shown as the following image.
It appears that the value of the field is tokenized on each occurrence of the space, : and / characters.
How can I solve this problem displaying the transaction list correctly?

This is my APM agent Angular integration

import {apm} from '@elastic/apm-rum'
const apm1 = apm.init({
            serviceName: 'test',
            serverUrl: 'http://localhost:8200'

Hi @gaetano,

Thanks for using the agent!

Before digging into this I need to know if I understand properly the issue:

In the ES index, you are seeing "GET" and you would expect to see the very same thing in UI, but you are just seeing "notify". Is that right?

If I'm wrong in my understanding, could you make show us the value you are seeing and the value you would expect to see?


I see the values inside the index as in the posted image.
The string (which I expect to see as a value in the transaction.name field) is split into many individual strings, i.e. http 27336 notify.
I think it's a logstash problem, when in a string it encounters special characters, in this case the two symbols : and /, the error occurs.
Using the transaction.name.keyword field for aggregation inside APM, I solved the problem. But I just don't know how to set them.

Hi @gaetano,

I have been unable to reproduce the issue. Perhaps it's related to Logtash somehow - I'm not using Logtash - perhaps it's worth consulting this with the Logtash team if you are stuck

Let me know if that's how you would like to proceed


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