Latency (No data to display) APM Kibana

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Elasticsearch version :
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APM Real User Monitoring JavaScript Agent. Angular Integration. 5.x

I can't get latency data.
While I receive the values related to the other metrics (Throughput, Failed Transaction rate, etc.).

This is my APM agent Angular integration

import {apm} from '@elastic/apm-rum'
const apm1 = apm.init({
            serviceName: 'test',
            serverUrl: 'http://localhost:8200'

Hi @gaetano,

Thanks for reaching out!

In this issue you mentioned you are configuring a Logtash too, I'm not sure if that's related.

Could you depict how your architecture is?

Something like this: (I created it using

I'm assuming that in your case the apm server output that you have configured is not Elasticsearch and you are using Logtash instead in order to perform certain things before sending data to Elasticsearch.

Is the fix solved if you change the APM server output to Elasticsearch? (you would need to generate events again btw)


Hi @gaetano,

If the previous response doesn't help to narrow down the problem then it would be pretty helpful for us to see the response from internal/apm/services/[your_service_name]/transactions/charts/latency after you have enabled observability:enableInspectEsQueries in Kibana advanced settings:

I understand that you might have confidential information visible there, if that's the case I strongly recommend you redact that information.


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