Recorded Future v1.0.1 Not Populating Intel Properly


The Recorded Future integration package v1.0.1 appears not to be properly pulling risklists from Recorded Future.

Intel is streaming into the instance (screenshot at 22:15UTC):

Elastic agent is healthy:

I've tagged each entity type to make queries for entity types in logs-ti_* easier:
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 4.16.41 PM

Seeing incorrect quantities coming in. No hashes, only 1895 IP events, 4385 domain events, and > 250,000 URL events. Last screenshot is from the _count endpoint for the data stream.

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 4.19.54 PM

Updated the integration to v1.1.0

Intel is still incomplete. No hash intel and limited for other IOC types.

Ran the following query for tags ip, domain, url, hash:

GET /logs-ti_recordedfuture.threat-default/_search
  "query": {
    "bool": {
      "must": [
        {"range": {"@timestamp": {"gte": "now-1d/d"}}},
        {"term": {"tags": {"value": "hash"}}}

Yields document counts:
ip - 2654
domain - 9975
url - 8819
hash - 0

These lists from Recorded Future currently have this many indicators:
ip - 54677
domain - 100000
url - 100000
hash - 99985

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