Records disappearing while using custom document_id

(karnamonkster) #1

We are trying to use a "Document_id" within ES output configuration (using multiple field columns from the Oracle Database table for example:

document_id => %{field1}%{field2}

Reason being to be able to have only one unique record in ES with the value field (field3) updated every minute with the latest near real-time value. (without creating duplicate records for each unique value)

However we noted that during a consequent run scheduled every minute using JDBC input, the record vanishes from the index if that document_id does not exists.

kindly help in this matter.

(Mark Walkom) #2

What index output pattern are you using?

(karnamonkster) #3

There are no filters to my logstash configuration
Here is what it looks like

output { 
hosts => ["array of hosts"]
document_id => "%{field1}%{field2}"
document_type => "flags"
index => "valflags-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
template => "/usr/share/...elasticsearch-template-es5x.json"
template_overwrite => true

(karnamonkster) #4

Anything you seem is strange?

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