Recover from red status

(Vincent) #1

I've lost 2 nodes in my cluster, and now 2 our of 10 primary shards are lost and cluster status is red.

Now the damage is there and I accept it. I just want the rest 8 shards of data to be working again. However kibana give me this error: Elasticsearch is still initializing the kibana index.

Is there a way for me to force elasticsearch coming back to green? should I just reindex the index?

Thank you!

(Kimbro Staken) #2

If you've lost those shards permanently and have the option to reindex then yes you should do that. Otherwise if you can't reindex then you've lost data. You can force allocation of the missing primary shards onto one of the nodes which will save the index and get the cluster back to green but the allocated shards will be empty.


(Vincent) #3

Ah great! Thank you!

(system) #4