Recover index from ../nodes/0/indices/ to new cluster

Hello. How complicated is it to recover an index that exists in ../nodes/0/indices/ ?
For example I have the index data but the cluster that the index was related to is gone? Could I create a new cluster and reindex the data from ../nodes/0/indices/ to the new cluster? What steps would I need to take? Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks.

In older versions this may be possible, although I have never tried. If you are on a reasonably recent version it is as far as I know however not at all possible.

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It seems that we were able to recover the index using the "import dangling index API". The new cluster's data path was set to the path of indexes related to the old cluster.

Then we find the dangling indexes: GET /_dangling
And then we imported the dangling indexes: POST /_dangling/<index-uuid>?accept_data_loss=true

Of course we need to be careful not to overwrite any existing indexes.

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