Redhat docker image creation

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I want to create a Redhat docker image.
Elastic Search is basically trying to build a source on a feather, because it only provides a cent OS image.

However, there were many difficulties.
How did jinja2 solve it, but if you do "make" yet, the following error appears.

$ make
ln -sf docker-compose-full.yml docker-compose.yml
docker build -t golang:env2yaml build/golang
Sending build context to Docker daemon  3.072kB
Step 1/4 : FROM golang:1.8
 ---> 0d283eb41a92
Step 2/4 : RUN go get
 ---> Running in dfd58d7e3796
package unrecognized import path "" (https fetch: Get dial tcp i/o timeout)
The command '/bin/sh -c go get' returned a non-zero code: 1

Can you help me ??

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