Redirecting stdout to /dev/null


I am not sure if this has already been discussed in the forums but i could not find a definitive help in this regard.

Basically when i run logstash as a systemd service , whenever logstash gets log files for processing i can see that there is a high cpu usage by the systemd-journal process and not much on either logstash or elasticsearch. I dont want to maintain the stdout in the journal logs. How can i redirect this output that logstash is generating to /dev/null ?

My logstash conf file is as shown below:

input {
file {
start_position => "beginning"
path => "/home/logstash/xxxx/*"
sincedb_path => "/home/logstash/sincedb_xxxx"
mode => "read"

filter {
json {
source => "message"

output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => "http://localhost:9200"
index => "xxxx"
stdout {}

Almost all logstash logs are written using log4j2, so editing /etc/logstash/ allows you to control what is written.

It there any reason to keep the stdout {} output in this case?

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