6.7.1 - Unexpected Log Destination

I have installed logstash 6.7.1 and while logs are being written to /var/log/logstash, they're also being written to syslog. How do I disable this behaviour? OS is ubuntu bionic...


logstash uses log4j. The default configuration does not write to syslog, it writes to /var/log/logstash and stdout.

I have seen posts before from people with your problem. My guess is that you are running logstash as a service and systemd (or whatever service manager you use) is configured to forward its stdout to /var/log/messages. You could reconfigure systemd, or you could update /etc/logstash/log4j2.properties and comment out the line

rootLogger.appenderRef.console.ref = ${sys:ls.log.format}_console

which will greatly reduce (but not eliminate) output to stdout. Or both.

Ah yes, ForwardtoSyslog was enabled by default. Thanks for the pointer :slight_smile:

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