Elastiflow / logstash netflow plugin - reduce logging to syslog


I'm using elastiflow with the logstash netflow plugin. Logs can get quite noisy with expected DNS timeouts and waiting for flow templates. These are logged in both /var/log/logstash/logstash-plain.log as well as syslog. Is it possible to configure the setup not to log to syslog?


logstash does not log to syslog itself. It logs to logstash-plain.log and stdout. Your service manager may be cc'ing stdout to syslog. You can reconfigure the service manager to prevent that.

Thanks Badger!

I'm using systemd and found that:
ForwardToSyslog - This parameter specifies if log messages that are received by the systemd-journald daemon will also be forwarded to a syslog daemon. The default is yes, but if no process is reading off from the socket, nothing happens.

In general I want stuff logged in syslog I just didn't want excessive (expected) logstash warnings. I guess I cannot have my cake and eat it (as I do still want these in logstash-plain) :wink:


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