Reduce the number of shards in my deployment

Hi Folks!

I'm developing a search feature on my website and I am using Elastic App Search as the backend for this, in order to do this I am using a small deployment in Elastic Cloud, this has been working right.

Right now I've 8 Engines in App Search with a few documents on it (the most hast 25k, in total there are 80k documents) but my Elasticsearch has created a lot of extra indexes and now my instance has 135 shards.

I'd like to understand why Elastic creates this amount of indexes and if it's possible to delete some of these indexes to reduce resource usage.

I'll attach a picture of some of these indexes

Thank you in advance!

Hi there, you can override the index setting for App Search engines when you create one to the shard count that you like: Engines API | Elastic App Search Documentation [8.2] | Elastic

Thank you for your answer Serena!

But my problem is not the shards created by app search, because there are 2 shards per engine and I only have 8 engines, so this is about 16 shards, my problem is related to all the other indexes you can see in the image. E.g:

  • kibana_8.2.0_0001
  • kibana_8.1.2_0001
  • .ds-logs-enterprise_search.audit-default-2022.05.05-000001
  • .ds-logs-enterprise_search.api-default-2022.05.13-000003
  • .ds-.slm-history-5-2022.05.18-000020

In total, I've 126 indexes on Elasticsearch, of this only 8 were created by me (the 8 engines of app search)