Refer to sort values by key/name


I have added a geo distance filter to my search and I have geo distance as
one of the multiple columns to sort results on.

My results bring back numbers/scores in the sort array but I was wondering
whether it was possible to refer to the distance value in the results by
name/key instead of having to refer to it by the position in the sort array
depending on how I'm sorting my results.

My results may be sorted _geo_distance,title or title,_geo_distancedepending on which the user prefers so I'd like to be able to refer to the
distance value by a key instead of referring to it by the first or second
value in the sort array.

I'm already sorting by _geo_distance so I assume the value in the sort
array is the value of _geo_distance so it would be good if I could refer
to value by *result._geo_distance *or something like that.

If it makes any difference I'm using the Tire rails gem.


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