Reference Documentation

Hi there,

I'm new to ES and making some progress. First newbie benchmarks are very
promising. I can "mget" and filter docs by ids with 500000 ids at one
request and get them back in 17 / 20 secs on a VM on a Laptop. That's the
good news.

But I still can't get some probably simple things done (like setting some
settings) and other things take me a lot of trial and error and reading
back and forth the guide. The issue is "operation" in opposite to
"understanding", which will certainly take its time.

So, is there a reference documentation?

E.g. for the settings, which gives a complete overview of all the settings
available, further of the available methods to set those settings (API or
elasticsearch.yml) and the allowed fields? E.g., I find it hard to
understand from the guide when to use vs. or wether I
need to use " :memory" or " true" and where
to set it.

Similiar matter regarding the DSL ...

Maybe it's because the big picture is not there yet, but currently I feel a
bit stupid :-).



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