Reference line with the median of max values


In kibana lens I would like to know if it is possible to create a reference line layer that show me de median of the max values over time. This way i can compare the current average with the median of max value to see if it is reaching it or not.

I tried it with custom formulas, but they don't accept the statements, I'm also on Kibana 8.8.1

Reference line return a single value.
If I understand correctly you want to have a"dynamical" reference line that adjusts its value for each bucket (i.e. max of each bucket). Have you tried to add a new visualisation layer of line type for that?

Yea, so basicly I created multiple dimensions:

Because I wanna monitor if the average (green) exceeds to median of the maximum at that time, this way in a further stadium I can setup rules

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